Grandfather/father question/problem

Grandfather/father question/problem

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TerryH posted on Friday, January 07, 2011

I have a grandfather object (BB) that contains a list (DynamicBindingListBase) of father objects(BB), the father object contains a list  (DynamicBindingListBase)of son objects(BB), in other words a grandfather object that has a list of father objects that contains a list of son objects.

I create a ViewModel<GrandfatherList> class, and use that as the collectionviewsource for a view. The view has a listbox that displays the grandfather list, a details area for the grandfather, a second list that displays the list of father objects and a details area for the father and son objects.

When an row is clicked in the grandfather list, the grandfather detail area displays the grandfathers details, and the father list is updated with the correct list of father objects, and the father detail area is updated, however if a row is clicked in the father list, the father detail area isn't updated.

I have taken and created a second ViewModel<father> and used that as the collectionviewswource for a second view by copying the revelent XAML from the first view. Now when this view is executed sure enough everything works, when a row in the father list is clicked the father details area is updated.

In the first view could the change event for the father list click not be raised and because of that the father detail area doesn't get updated ?


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