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ksavoie posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We are using CSLA version 2.0 on .NET 2.0 VS2005.  In my project, I'm using a datagridview, with child data.  In the design, we add extra rows to the datagridview on the Fetch.   We do this so that the user doesn't have to add additional rows; they are only allowed a certain number.  Any ways that works great, I specify the mandatory fields (all the ID's that I need), and the rows are added to my Datagridview.

In the datagridview, we have a column which does the calculation of other columns.  So I created a new property "Public ReadOnly Property TotalEstCost() As String".  Here is the bit of code...

Private _totalEstCost As String = String.Empty

Public ReadOnly Property TotalEstCost() As String
'Declare the variables
Dim decTaxAmount As Decimal
decEstimCost As Decimal
decTotalEstCost As Decimal
strTotalEstCost As String

If GSTHSTAmount <> "" Then
decTaxAmount = Decimal.Parse(GSTHSTAmount)
decTaxAmount = 0
End If

If CstAmtDlrsStr <> "" Then
decEstimCost = Decimal.Parse(CstAmtDlrsStr)
decEstimCost = 0
End If

decTotalEstCost = decTaxAmount + decEstimCost

If decTotalEstCost = 0 Then
strTotalEstCost = String.Empty
strTotalEstCost = decTotalEstCost
End If

_totalEstCost = "0.00"

Return strTotalEstCost

End Get

there might be some unnecessary coding... but I'm trying everything now...  Like I said everything works fine, until I add the Validation rules.

These are my validation rule that's giving me problems...

' Total Cost
' Rule # 2008
ValidationRules.AddRule(AddressOf Csla.Validation.CommonRules.StringRequired, "TotalEstCost")

ValidationRules.AddRule(AddressOf Csla.Validation.CommonRules.RegExMatch, New Csla.Validation.CommonRules.RegExRuleArgs("TotalEstCost", "^\d{1,11}(?:\.\d\d)?$"))

ValidationRules.AddRule(AddressOf Csla.Validation.CommonRules.StringMaxLength, New Csla.Validation.CommonRules.MaxLengthRuleArgs("TotalEstCost", 13))

When I load my windows form, I keep getting the red warning on the empty rows and when I try to save it obviously doesn't save because of validation issue.

Can anybody help me with this one.  Am I making a mistake i the way I created my property or my declaration of my variable.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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